So I started taking Apri on 10/19(Saturday) and I was expecting my period on 10/30(Wednesday). For some reason when I was trying to figure out when to start the pack, I started on row 2(finished row 2) and accidently went in 2 days to row 3 before realizing that was the week I was suppose to typically have my period. So I started taking a placebo pill. I guess I am wondering what do I do now with row 1 of this first pack and does it matter that I went 2 active pills into row 3(leaving only 5 active pills)?

I guess I am also wondering if it matters if when you start BC if you only take 9 days of active and then the 7 days of placebo pills is that bad? Does that through things into a weird loop? Are those 7 placebo days still "safe"

Would there be a way to get the pattern normal again so I can just follow the packet? If that means skipping a period or 2, I am okay with that.

What I think I should do is continue taking the rest of the 6 placebo pills and then take row 1 of the first packet and then open the second packet and start on row 2 and continue and continue to day 3 weeks active and 1 week inactive.

I am not currently sexually active but I will be in a month or so.

This has taught me to not be impatient!

Thank you in advance!