I have a very important question to ask. Is morphine a useless drug in pill er form, does it help anyone out there? Or is it just that oxy IR gives a sort of euphoria and I am not judging the pain relief fairly as morphine in pill form does not produce any kind of euphoric effect. Is my mind fooling me into thinking I am not getting any help from morph ER. Like an Anti-placebo effect? I don't know how else to ask this question. I am to see my Doc in a week and will ask about Opana and dilaulid, or is it just I need to take a much larger does of MScontin? If my only choice is morphine and it won't help me I don't know what to do. As I stated earlier, methodone is out and oxycontin is so expensive only a wealthy person could afford it. Out of desperation, has any one tried pot for pain? does it work?
Seems like a glass of wine is better than morphine, or is it, again, all in my head? I am a hopeful aetheist and if there is a "god" I am not learning anything new from this test of pain so I wish he would just give every nice person an A+ and let us graduate from pain school.
As usual-thanks,
Steve B