Last night I went to a Suboxone group for the first time. It helped so much. I sat in a room with 12 other people who are taking Suboxone and got so much great advice. They are people from all walks of life and we have SOOO much in common. It made me feel like I am not alone in this anymore. As soon as I am done with the night class that I teach (6 weeks) I am going to attend on a regular basis.
One of the questions that I still have is how much Suboxone should I be taking? I told them that I am taking 4mg in the morning and 4mg in the afternoon. Probably 10 of the people in the group agree that this is a small amount and that I should probably increase. The only thing I see is that in the evening I feel really run down and tired and almost like the very beginning of withdrawal aches. Other than that, I feel good most of the day. I am pretty sure that everyone is different and doses are on an indidivual need, but should I be taking more? I just figured if I keep the doses as low as possible, it's better.
I hope everyone is having a great day so far...
Thanks for all of your support!