first of all I*m glad to find you,and this site,and I hope I get some answers from all of you,support,and some good wheal,once again,sorry on my bad english. I was on H for more than 10 years,and I*m on suboxon more than,but at same time I take H,one or two times a week,I don*t no why,old habits I sepose,it*s bean more than a week now,how I stop using H,and have just suboxon,but I learn myself to use only 1mg a day,0,5 in the morning,and 0,5 in the evening. But I crosh him,and snurf him,it works faster,and stronger. I would like to stop it,I can*t take it anymore,I would like to be 100% drug free.Always depending on something,no more... but when I tryed to make the day whithout sub.,I coudnt,exayiti,and no whil at all,and becouse I wousnt ably to find suboxon that day,I take H.Two days after I wound sub.and start using him again. As I sad,I take very small amaunts,someday even less than 1mg.,but I can*t standet anymore,please give me some good advice how can I stop this,and what medicine you recomanded,to easy the pain when I trye to stay off of the suboxon.I must to sexive. I hope you understenad everything that I*v reatn..I truyed so hard,but my grammer is very poor. Best of luck to everyone,keep your had UP