So I started Lexapro a few days ago and I take 20 mg once at night. I have had a lot of side effects but there are a few bothering me to the point I feel uneasy taking the medication. A few hours after I take it I feel like I'm wired up on caffeine and I can't focus or sit still. It's annoying but controllable. My main problem is that I wake up in the middle of the night with strange symptoms. Just tonight, I woke up seeing colors and my foot was asleep. It took me a few seconds of the room moving that I finally regained my vision. So I was just wondering is this normal? I haven't had a problem with anti-depressants (Used to take prozac) before but anti-psychotics did cause hallucinations for me when I took them.

I would like to continue the medication as most of my family has taken it at some point and it did wonders for them.

Sorry if this is confusing it's late at night and my thoughts are a scrambled.