Hi. Like i stated above ... I have the oestragen (sp) implant and I am currently on my third.
I have only experienced bleeding once and that was when my last implant was changed after the three years.

Since Monday i have experienced bleeding. It started quite heavily and although it is now quite mild im still bleeding 5 days on. The first day i did have cramps but they've since passed.

Im not due to change my implant until september this year. I have had my smear and everything is fine.

Is this normal? As i said i havent bled at all during the 9 years and (3 implants) except when one was removed and replaced.

Could someone reply please as im a bit confused. Has the implant stopped working earlier than it is meant to and am I at chance of concieving? (I have a partner of 7 years but we are not ready for kids!)

Thank you.