Ok so I really highly doubt I'm pregnant. I've been using protected sex with condemns and the birth control, but on the third day of the green pill, still no show of my period. I did something stupid though due to mix info from doctor and older sister. My sister told me to start the pill after my period on the start day pill on sunday after my doctor told me to take it on the first day of my period sunday. So due to the miss informed info I took the start pill on the sunday of my period but then started the rest of them after my period on monday.
However I have taken the pill everyday in between 9.30pm to 10.30pm, accurately also every time the condemn broke, which was once, I washed myself out and took option 2. What should I do in this case and am I pregnant?
I have cramps and I feel like I'm on my period but no blood, am I still getting used to the pill.