I started taking trinessa last month 1 because I have really bad cramps and 2 because I've become more sexually active. I've taken it from the first day of my period everyday around the same time (the latest I've been is an hour). I originally was confused / worried about when my period would come since because I started day one of my period and there's only 3 weeks of active pills, I didn't know if my period would change to become a week earlier when the active pills stopped and the inactive began. After 4 days of inactive pills my period came (2 days before what would have been my normal cycle but I'm usually pretty consistent but I knew that would change) ANYWAYS.. Lol I'm still on this day one of my period and the blood has been fairly light compared to the crazy flow I used to have. However I still have pretty bad cramps! AND they have been pretty consistent all day. What could this mean. Is birth control effective for 100% of women if used correctly? Is this something that will go away with more use? Or should I be worried?? I'm just confused because I thought this birth control would decrease cramps and they're still here :((