I'm 41 and haven't used Nuvaring for 5 years. Normally my periods are 3-4 days. The first two being the heaviest and they aren't heavy really. I may use 2-3 regular size tampons a day and the 3-4th days are not much and may not even require a tampon. I've used the ring before and didn't have a problem. However this time I was also on Phentermine (appetite suppreasant) when I started. I got my usual back pain before the start of my period. Then I did get the faint spotting of my usual dark brown old blood the day before. The first day was dark brown blood which can be somewhat normal for me in the first part of the day but this time it was the whole day and didn't really seem like my period was in full swing so I waited to put the Nuvaring until the next day. The next day I bled more regular blood and inserted the ring. But after that one day I went back to sort of heavy spotting with the dark brown old blood. Went through the whole week thinking okay next weekend maybe my period will really start. But nope- still the brown clots. Not enough for a tampon and not enough to ruin your undies. Just enough that it's there when you go pee. So about midweek I start looking up for answers and I read that Phentermine can mess up your period. Making you skip or have extended period so I went off of it. This is like day 11 that I went off phen. A day or so later I start to bleed regular blood. Normal period flow. Not a lot but a tampon or two a day. Problem is, that was now a week ago and I'm still bleeding. It doesn't seem to be slowing.
Last month I did have a bit shorter period than normal- 2 days but didn't think much of it. So what's happening? The ring is still in. I'm off the Phentermine at the moment. Not sure I should take the ring out this weekend or not since I'm not really sure my period started the day I put it in anyway. Maybe I should go the extra week since I know you can keep it in for 28 days. I really don't want back to back periods since I've been bleeding this whole time. I have an appointment to see the doctor next week Thursday. My ultimate goal is Paraguard as I don't react well mentally to hormone based birth control and I'm hoping she will just insert that next Thursday. This was supposed to get me through until then. Ugh. This is awful! Also before anyone asks I haven't had sex at all since the start of any bleeding.