Hey, this is really odd for me! I used to be on Noriday (the mini pi) got irregular periods, two periods a month etc. I never ever went a month with out a period tho. I was on that for over a year. Changed to Ava 20, and I started bleeding before I had even taken my sugar pills, but no break through bleeding thru out the rest of the month. I got sick of my periods being crazy and over the show. Was on Ava for over 6 months. Now I'm on Yasmin, it's my first month. Started it as I was suppose too from instructions from my GP, no issues with it at all! Until now! I'm on day 4 of my sugar pills and no period!! I've taken 3 pregnancy tests, all negative! What is going on?? Is the 'normal' or 'common' for Yasmin to stop periods? Or is this just my body getting use to the hormone change? Please help!