I just got prescribed Sprintec 28 Day pack, I have never been on birth control before. Last month before I was on birth control my period was irregularly late by about a week. I started Sprintec the Sunday after my peiod was over as suggested by my gyno. I am now on my first sugar pill, and I'm aware I should be starting period, but I haven't received it yet. Is this because I was irrgular last month? or just my body not used to the hormone structure yet? I have, however, been experiencing all normal period symptoms like cramps, bloating, pms, headache. I, also, have been taking all of my pills at the same time everyday, never missing a pill. I am sexually active with a regular partner and he hasn't ejaculated inside me- we don't use condoms. I'm not afraid I'm pregnant at all, but just curious on how my situation works with Sprintec. I appreciate any advice given! I'm not used to all this, so anything helps! thanks!