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Its my first day of period and I want to stopped bleeding ,if I start using yasmin now will it help?

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ciarakiwi 28 Feb 2014

No,Once your period starts, it doesn't stop until all of the uterine lining and the egg is flushed from your body.

kaismama 28 Feb 2014

You can start it now however and you will be protected right away with the pill. Then if you want to stop a period you just start a new pack instead of taking the break.

DzooBaby 28 Feb 2014

It may shorten your period, but then again, it may not. This is the best time to start the Pill though. A Day 1 start, you are protected right away.

Britney126 5 Jul 2014

I DON'T KNOW IF YASMIN WORKS... But 3 days ago I started my period and and on the day it started I took TWO ibuprofen 800 and a weeks worth of birth control and the next day my period completely end its been two days and still no period... DOn't know how safe it is but I'm still alive with no side effects. And I have been taking a single birth control pill since still no period

Jordannparris 6 Dec 2014

Did you only take ibuprofen 800 once or through out the day ? And a weeks worth of birth control all at once ? So you took 7 birth control tablets

chazzi12 3 Feb 2015

Did You take TWO ibuprofen 800 at once and a weeks worth of birthcontrol throughout the day? free discount card

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