Today, I took my first dose of Lexapro (10mg) and have been a bit anxious about it.

Previously, I was on Zoloft (150 mg) for about 6 years. I felt that it stopped working for me as I was experiencing severe anxiety and depression. Hence, why I went to the doctor to switch anti-depressants.

I am also on Clonazepam (0.5 mg) once daily or as needed. The doctor was trying to put me on Buspar to replace my Clonazepam. I consulted with her and told her that I was not ready for this step until I was comfortable with the Lexapro. One of the reasons I wasn't comfortable with taking Buspar with Lexapro is my bad habit of researching. I discovered "Seratonin Syndrome" and am afraid of getting it. Moreover, I am also on Imitrex (5mg as needed, not daily) and the cocktail of these three is Seratonin Syndrome waiting to happen (or as I think)

It may sound odd, but shortly after taking my first dose of Lexapro, I started to feel a bit better - although I think it may have been more of a mental thing than anything (obviously, I wouldn't feel the effects of a new SSRI that quickly) - but I wasn't sure if anyone else has experienced this.

I've suffered for a long time with my anxiety and depression and am very anxious to feel myself again.

Anybody have positive experiences with Lexapro itself or Lexapro with Clonazepam to manage their anxiety and depression?

To those who have switched SSRIs, are you happy that you did? How was the process? Did you experience withdrawal? How did you get through it (considering it was a rough transition)