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Hi, just took my first Contrave pill today. Would love to hear how anyone is doing with this drug?

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Inactive 19 Nov 2014

I will start taking contrave next week. I am interested to know how it's been working with you since you've been on it now for about three weeks. I will post how it is working for me once I've been taking it for about two weeks. Good luck!☺️☺️☺️

elzand 27 Jan 2015

Could you tell us how it is and has worked for you? Thanks!

hope4success 19 Nov 2014

Can you tell me how you are doing on this new medication? I am going to start it and am a little worried about if it will really work or is it just another drug that builds up hope and promise and doesn't deliver.

Mommahere529 9 Dec 2014

I am curious if you've started the medication yet? I just got my prescription and I'm starting tomorrow. I want to know how you've been feeling?

glouise 9 Dec 2014

I like it. Have lost 10 lbs so far. My only negative is that stomach feels upset occasionally. At first sleeping was a problem but I have adjusted to that.

rhonjon44 12 Dec 2014

Hi I just started the full dose wed of the 2 twice a day and so far I have lost 7 lbs. My only complaint would be stomach upset. Sometimes nausea sometimes diarrhea. Otherwise I feel it takes my focus off of food! Happy so far!

Mommahere529 12 Dec 2014

I'm on week one and only taking one pill per day and that seems to be doing the trick as far as taking my mind off food. I do have slight craving in the evenings but I've been fighting them. How is the full dose different from the beginning dose?

chloesworld 8 Jan 2015

Oh god! You have diarrhea alot? Iam about to start taking this? ??

NinjaSalsa 11 Jun 2015

Day 3 with no discernable effects. Of course, the first week is just one dose in the morning. I do notice what I can best describe as a metallic taste in my mouth. Might just need a change of toothpaste, LOL.

Lorisia 21 Nov 2017

I started Contrave 3 days ago and I am experiencing a couple of the side effects. Insomnia and dry mouth and a little bit of irritability. I need to drink more water anyway so the dry mouth is fine. The insomnia is awful for me because I have always needed a minimum of eight hours of sleep to function. I'm a little loopy because of it. No nausea at all, thank goodness. We will see how it goes when I weigh in with my doctor next month. No cravings for ANYTHING at all. Great time to start; right before Thanksgiving. free discount card

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