Hi! I am 35y/o & have been addicted to opiates for the past 5yrs. Abt 1yr ago I found a Dr who put me on 12mg of subs a day, but after 6wks I stopped & started using opiates again. It has been 8 days since I last used, & have been on 4mg of subs a day. I also have ADD, as most my family members do, so my Dr put me on Vyvanse, which really seems to make a difference. My Dr states that addicts need to be on subs for 9-12 months in order for our brains to recover properly. I am a firefighter/paramedic & work 24hr shifts. I was taking abt 10-15 norcs a day & oxy anytime I could get it. My question is, how long does it take my brain to recover from the drug abuse? I def do not want to ever use again. I've followed quite a few threads & wish each & everyone of you the best of luck! Thank you to anyone who could give me advice.