I used to take Seasonale (or the generic... Jolessa, Quasense, etc.) years ago and then my insurance ran out. I did not have it again until this year. I had been 5 years without it. The first time I took it, I had zero problems. However, I just finished my first pack of Jolessa (was prescribed Seasonale but they gave me Jolessa instead) and started taking the placebo pills last Sunday (July 1). According to everything I understand and have read, I should have started my period somewhere during this week. I have one white, placebo pill left that I will take tomorrow and then I have my 2nd pack that I should start on Sunday. However... I have had some very light bleeding. I have been sexually active during this time. I am worried as to why I am not having a period during July 1-present. Should I still start my new pack on Sunday and treat the spotting and very light bleeding as a period? How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?