I know better than to do this ! I was diagnosed in 1988 with Bipolar. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Then another week for observation. At this time I didn't know what Bipolar was so I disregarded the diagnoses and continued to self medicate with alcohol and drugs. It worked for a couple of weeks but BOOM ! an episode. I have tried to quit meds many times. Then one day I looked up Bipolar and was in shock. This was after 2-72hr lock ups. Then I saw myself in each artical. I read how dibilitating this could be. I decide to take my meds as prescribed. I still had episodes, but far from how they were before. I told my Psyc what happened. After a few more visits I was told I was a rapid cycler and had mixed episodes. It took a while to stabalize, But finally did. For 6 years I had very few episodes. Been taking my meds every since. My Psyc retired and I had to find another. It took 3 Drs,and finally I found one that was "ok". The first visit he said I was ADHD. I got skeptical. In 24 years, no one had told me I was ADHD ! I came to a conclusion that this is a Psyc that is out to get what ever he can to make his patients come back once every 4 weeks. I was prescribed Adderall, which is legal speed. A class 3 narcotic that you have a new script every month. I felt ok until a major thing interupted my routine. My brother in law was going to stay for a couple of months. Not a problem. After 6 months he was still here. I was a little dismayed at this point. Soon I got really depressed. My husband said don't worry, he will be gone soon. YEAH RIGHT ! He is 53 years old and perfectl y fine to go to work. When he moved in he had $10,000 dollars and a Harley he could sell. This became a big problem. My husband said that's all he had. I told him I had 3 little children, I was broke and nowhere to go. A grown man should be able to support himself. My husband kept telling me to don't worry about it ! I was second in his life at this point. I got majorly depressed and my husband said I don't need to worry ! My brother-in-law was still here after 9 mo.( Then I switched to Mania and had a couple of mixed episodes.) After 1yr and 3 mo. I couldn't take any more. They wanted to put me in the hospital 3 times. I refused to go because I knew what was wrong. I moved to my daughters house. My husband told me his brother wouldn't be there much longer. Well after 4 more months he was still there. my husband wouldn't do anything so I told him he had to leave. 4 TIMES ! After19 mo. he finally got a clue. I stayed manic for 3 plus mo. I gambled all my savings ! Plus any money I could get ahold of. 3 days ago I quit obsessing. (as much as I could). My husbands brother finally moved in Dec. I stayed manic until now. I am on Social Security and give my money to my husband. My brother-in-law NEVER paid one dime to us. We supported him all that time. Toilet paper and all. I cried alot because we were supporting him and I had no money. Was I selfish ? At one point a few years ago we needed money for food. He wouldn't loan us a lousy $100. There are other things that happened.TOO MANY TO LIST. I know I'm just rambling on but I have nowhere else to vent. I have no friends. Please, if any one can help me get over this please tell me. My marriage was impacted and invaded. I want it back. I don't want to throw away my marriage of 25 yrs because of some jerk that had no contience invaded us. Any advise will help. Stacey