I have been struggling with abdominal pain for several years. Sometimes I would have bad bouts of severe constipation. My abdominal pain is always present, sometimes worse than others. I was hospitalized a year ago for a week. Couldn't keep any food down and was severely constipated with lots of pain. I haven't felt good since then. The GI doctor put me on an elimination diet which I did for 8 weeks. I also had breath tests done. After, those, the doctor put me on a no gluten, fructose and lactose diet (which sucks). I maybe felt a little better (I have been on that for a month now). I also was diagnosed with SIBO and just finished a 10 day treatment of Rifaximin. I felt really good while taking the antibiotic. And continued to feel good for about a week and now I am very constipated and my stomach hurts. Is this constipation normal after taking the Rifaximin. I am taking probiotics twice daily so, do I need to be patient and give my digestive tract time to get back to normal. I have had many major abdominal surgeries, one was after a car accident. I had to have my spleen removed and I have lots of adhesions. I have a narrowing due to adhesions where the stomach empties into the intestines. The doctors don't want to do anything with it at this time. I am looking for answers. Any input on the current constipation and diet would be a huge help! I also take quite a large dose of Prilosec. Thanks!