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Where can I findnon generic percocet?

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kaismama 15 Jun 2014

You would have to ask at the pharmacies near you. Sometimes if you just call they will tell you they don't have it because they don't know if you're calling to set up robbery.

balbanese 16 Jun 2014

Tell your Dr to write an OK to substitute on the script, then any pharmacy will fill it with a generic. Hope this helps.

mommywoman 26 Jun 2014

Most any drugstore should. They don't all stock it but can get it for you. It's called Endocet. I take it and my drugstore stocks it but some don't cause of what the other said, robberies. Any of the big chain stores will get it but they will want the script first.

mommywoman 26 Jun 2014

Im sorry. I misread your question. I'm not sure anyone stocks the brand name Percocet cause most insurances don't cover brand names if there is a generic. I can tell you it is stupid crazy expensive, like hundreds of dollars for a 30 day supply. I'm sure if you take the script in they can order it for you, just check that your ins company covers it. free discount card

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