We keep finding little square pieces of aluminum foil in the bathroom after a friend comes out. We've found needles before along with spoons and a cut piece of a soda can, burnt on bottom. We comforted him but he blamed another person and although we do not see needles or spoons anymore we are seeing little pieces of aluminum foil and small pieces of cotton balled up in the trash. Qtips with cotton pulled off. He always takes bottled water with him stays in there for a bit but sometimes doesn't flush yet when he comes out there is no smell but just more items in the trash ... he sometimes has energy but it doesn't last long until he's nodding off or his eyelids look like hes jacked up and slurs when he talks. He sweats more so then before and he's not keeping his appearance up, up all nights sometimes and sleeps all morning. Scratches a lot and gets sick to his stomach or throws up. When he works he has nothing to show for his money, has been known to steal or pawn things and leaves the house with out notice ... just poof gone for a bit then comes back with weird stories to where he's been. Sometimes when he leaves and comes back and doesn't go into the bathroom yet seems moody ... What are we dealing with since there is no smell for a type of drug?