I'm 27 years old and have been being treated for depression and anxiety with various SSRI and SNRIs i.e. zoloft, lexapro, now cymbalta and klonopin for the past two years. For about the past year I've been being treated for ADD. I started on Vyvanse 40mg and that didn't quite seem to work so I was bumped up to 60mg and have been on that for about 6 months.

I feel like for awhile though now I have been experiencing adverse affects potentially due to combining some of the meds i'm on. For example I'm finding that while I can concentrate very well when trying to read or do work, I've become so meticulous and detail-oriented that becomes frustrating, even in decision-making because I'm thinking too much of what the best decision is. Additionally I think the combination of Vyvanse and the cymbalta I'm on are contributing to my anxiety again. Also, since Cymbalta affects norepinephrine levels in the brain and vyvanse is a stimulant I'm on blood pressure meds to keep my heart rate and BP in healthy ranges because I'm atheletic and stay in shape, my vitals have been higher than would normally be expected for a person in my age and physical condition.

I've stopped taking my Vyvanse for about three days now, and while my pulse and BP are doing well, my anxiety and depression seem to be under control, I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on even simply reading a book.

I'm going to talk with my doctor at my next follow-up to see what he says but I was wondering if anyone else experienced similar issues and found a solution. I don't know if my Vyvanse is too high with the dosages of my other meds or what. I also read the mednotes here on drugs.com saying that mixing an SSRI or SNRI with an amphetamine like vyvanse should generally be avoided with a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo I didn't really understand. Any advice?