I'm a young woman struggling with very bad PMDD Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and OCD (intrusive thoughts) My pmdd is so bad that during my ovulation or before my period I turn into a totally different person. This is ruining me and my parents life, and I want to get better, but I can't find the right anti depressant.

First I used fluoxetine for three years, which helped me a little bit, but It gave me a terrible tremor (very shaky hands) And I already had problems with shaking for years, but this made it ten times worse. Also it didn't help my PMDD.

Now for the last couple of months I have been on Cipralex, which took forever to work. And in the beginningI was feeling really bad. Now that they have finally started to work, I can safely say that I don't pay so much attention anymore to the intrusive thoughts. They are still there, but I just think stupid thought and laugh it off.

The negative side with cipralex is that they haven't helped the PMDD at all! I Still feel very bad.

Cipralex has also given me very bad sugar cravings. Which is very hard to control.

So what I'm looking for is a SSRI anti depressant that could help both my: PMDD and my Intrusive thoughts! And doesn't give me tremors or wanting to eat sugar all the time.