I am male turning 24 in a few weeks in central California. I have stage 3 Ckd confimed on April 18 after results from a kidney biopsy done weeks before that. No one has a kidney disease in my family. Let me ask questions of chronic kidney disease on here, bear with me and see how much you can answer. Here we go.

1. Ckd suddenly came to me. I have no diabetes, thankfully, or any other health conditions. Did it come suddenly to anybody else with chronic kidney disease too?

2. Does each of the five stages of Ckd have a different diet for everyone and does it get more restricted on the later the stage is?

3. Is it true that CKD doesn't strike all of a sudden or does it for some people, like me?

4. Is it inevitable that Ckd gets worse over time no matter how well we take care of ourselves with it?

5. Is dialysis scary? (Dialysis people only)

6. So after transplant one is still on ckd? (Transplant recipients only)

7. So pills like Tylenol or Advil can cause chronic kidney disease?

8. How to stay optimistic on Ckd?

9. What to say when asked, "how are you?"

10. Do ckd meetups exist?

11. Is GFR always compatible with kidney function? GFR can actually be above 100 but 34 GFR is 34 percent kidney function. Am I even right?

12. Is it inevitable that CKD is not without hypertension?

13. Is PKD part of CKD?

14. Did anyone else feel sad, disappointed, miserable, scared, frustrated like me when first informed of having chronic kidney disease?

15. Ckd is changing my life. Has it changed anyone else's life too?

16. (Miscellaneous) about how many kidney diseases exist?

17. Is any kidney function below 100 percent chronic kidney disease?

18. Does anyone else have a davita.com account?

19. Anyone a member also of one or more Ckd support groups in person? I would love to get into at least one.

20. My family supports me with chronic kidney disease. Anyone else have that family support too?

21. Anyone else, at least at the beginning, felt less motivated due to CKD?

22. Is everyone else here like me, no matter what stage of Ckd you're in, have a more limited diet?

23. You can get more than one kidney transplant?

24. For anyone on a chronic kidney disease support group in person, what are such groups about and what do they have?

25. Do all of your family and friends know you have Ckd? Pretty much all of mine do know that already.

I am just wondering so much. Just give me good answers, thanks. :)