I've had chronic pain for many years. I used to have a pain management Dr. that helped me with great pain relief but he left the state and for the last 7 years I've not had regular pain meds. For the last year and a half, my new pain management Dr has been trying different pain meds, doses and combinations. After some time, he put me on Percocet 10/325 3 x's per day. I had an MS flare and he prescribed Oxy without tylenol 4 x's per day instead for one month. I found that without the 'kick' of Tylenol it didn't work as well. He then went back to Percocet 10/325 3 x's per day. Long story shorter, I got good pain relief for an hour or so but really suffered with intense pain for until it was time for my next dose. Last month, he put me on Nucynta ER 50 mgs twice a day plus two Percocet 10/325 per day. It didn't work very well at all so he increased my Nucynta to 100 mgs two times per day, along with the Percocet 10/325 2x's per day. I had some left over Percocet and would take a 3rd (middle of the day) Percocet-which helped a bit. I spoke to my Dr and he agreed that I could take the 3rd middle of the day Percocet-until I see him back in 28 days. He told me that normally he does not prescribe any Percocet (or other) when he prescribes Nucynta but he was willing to make an exception for me (he knows and understands that I have several very painful medical issues). He told me that when I return in 28 days, he will continue to prescribe the Nucynta 100mg 2x's per day along with 2 of the regular Percocet but that is as far as he will go. I am not getting the pain relief that I need with what I am taking now and to go back to not taking the 3rd Percocet per day-terrifies me. I see from others here that they are prescribed much higher doses of Nucynta along with 'break through' higher doses of hydrocodone or oxycodone etc. My Dr is not willing to prescribe anything stronger. I firmly believe that I deserve to receive better pain management for my pain-like others do for what seems like, in some cases, to be less pain issues then I have. (I know of people whose elbow is arthritic and they get 30mgs Roxi's 4 times a day. I feel I am undermedicated. It sucks!). I guess I am simply venting as I don't see an alternative as it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a Dr that is willing to treat chronic pain where I live (because of the high rate of abuser's in this state). I am thankful I found this pain management Dr! Help?