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I'm trying to find the support forum for Thomas Recipe users. How do I find it?

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murphy 27 Mar 2012

Go to the forum side of the website. Click here:

NorcoFree 18 Apr 2012

Im currently on day 4 of being free of norcodone. I was taking up to 30 of them a day +- 6 for the past year. i quit cold turkey with the help of neurontin. Its unbelievable how good it works. The mental went away almost entirely after day one. Physically, my leg pains were pretty minimal (worst on day 2 but bearable), sleep has been kinda lame, but better than it was when i tried quitting w/o neurontin. I get abt 5-6 hrs of sleep, sometimes interrupted. I still have some diarrhea but immodium helps and i havent taken any since day 2 since the runs arent all that bad anyways. Leg pains woke me up on day 3, and i havent had em since then. The best part, is that i dont get any anxiety like i used to in the evenings on day one. Neurontin has been a god send. I started by taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night roughly 10-12 hrs apart. Its best to get a schedule going for taking neurontin. I plan on dropping down to one capsule at a time on day 5 and hopefully be off it w/i 2 weeks. Also make sure to get a little exercise in starting arnd days 3-5 depending on how u feel. When i started to feel me legs getting weak and kinda sore on day 3, i played a little soccer, but didnt want to run so i played goalie. Afterwards my legs felt great. Earlier today, my legs started to feel weak from driving for over an hr and i went on the treadmill for 5 mins. Legs felt great after. U dont wanna over do it with the exercise at first or else ur legs will feel sore from withdrawls and exercising. Happened to a friend and he relapsed because of thw leg pain. Also i lil weed really helps :) i used to smoke more before i quit norcos, but now i do only when my legs or stomach feel off. Hope this helps and sorry its so long but i wanted to give u my full experience from neurontin so far free discount card

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