My problem started in the fall of 2011, I began with constant nausea and vomiting , and severe abdominal pain.After finally finding a GI doctor and a good primary doctor, I went thru every GI test there is all normal. Both doctors suspected adhesions on my omentum. Well in Jan of 2013 I had a hysterectomy, the dr's notes stated it took 30 minutes cutting away adhesions before she could do her surgery with the I robot .This furthered my doctors belief. My pain is in my upper stomach region, wrapping around each side. It is constant. In the past 9 months the pain and nausea have gotten so bad I have lost 51 pounds. I was overweight to begin with, but if I continue to lose weight at the rate of 2-3lbs a week, it won't be long before it will become a medical issue. My weight right now is 201lbs. I am 5'6 tall. The problem I'm having is I live in a small Texas rual town, and we are having trouble finding a surgon who will go in laparoscopicly, or exploratory.The closest city is San Antonio Texas, but I don't know where to start looking. My only insurance is Medicare. I am only 40 yrs old. The only abdominal surgery I have had was my appendix age 13, a c-section age33.Back in 2004 I had panceritis, which was treated in the hospital for a few days. Every surgon I have gone to so far doesn't want to touch me, and I don't know why? All my medical records are provided, I make the appointments on time, fully pay my bill. HELP