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I would like to find a non-narcotic alternative to Vicodin. Any suggestions?

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jk13 25 Feb 2013

Pain is such a complicated issue that any suggestion would not truly of any help. There's chronic pain in which SNRI & Lyrica can be of some help. If the pain is related to inflammation, NSAIDs will work. Same is true with migraines. If the pain is caused by diabetes, NSAIDs will do nothing. If you have a broken arm, once again you're dealing with a different type of pain. There are so many variations of pain that any suggestion would be of no help. What I can say is that if your pain is a long term chronic type pain, Vicodin is not a good option at all as the NSAID component will cause liver damage with time. There are times when Opioid type medications are the best choice as they currently can take care of pain in such a way that other meds can not. I guess that another extremely important question for you would also be why you do not want to take an Opioid / Narcotic type drug? If they make you feel loopy, there are other Opioids that will not. If it makes you nauseous, there are other options that will not.

I hope that this is of some help to you, even though I am totally unable to answer your question.


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