I've suffered chronic panic attacks and anxiety disorder and a form of PTSD since 2008. I've done all the psychiatry psychologist things done the talk therapy they have cycled me through all the antidepressants and benzos. None helped till they start me on Xanax 3 times a day. What a life saver I wouldn't be here without them. My attack are intense and they bring me back from the brink been on them since 2011. My disorders are so bad I had to go on disability. Recently my doctor has gave up her practice do to lack of payments from insurance and other reasons. She went to a local clinic and they are very strict on what she prescribes. I live in WV and all these junkies have messed it up for people who truly need it. AKA mass punishment can anyone steer me in what to do I have only a few days of medicines left and it only make my anxiety worse knowing this. Need help PLEASE