This is my third episode of depression/anxiety. I am able to work but zero happiness and poor motivation. First two episodes responded quite well to Paxil. This third episode I have tried generic Lexapro, Effexor and Paxil. Left me with terrible fatigue. Had to stop each after two weeks. Only drug i can tolerate a little has been Buproption at 100 mg! I use Lorazepam too.. it's been two years in this depression; one year on W and L. Have a good therapist... still no relief.

I go back to my psychiatrist soon. I feel he is running out of ideas. Any thoughts?

My psychiatric has tried combining Lithium and generic Zoloft. I just can't make it past a week before fatigue and more depression set in.

I just recently got up to a working dose of 150 on Wellbutrin past two weeks. At least no fatigue but depression remains if not feeling worse. Do I force myself to keep taking 150?

Thoughts? It's getting scary that I just have to live this way for rest of life. Can't figure out what I need to try next.