I found this pill while I was cleaning, and I know it's not any of my meds so, I would like to know what exactly I have found. It was broken in half so I believe it is scored, but it may not be scored at all. It's kind of hard to tell since it was broken. It is an oblong shape and orangish (I believe) in color. It is not a completely solid color though. I'm not sure if time has faded the color some, but it almost looks like its got lighter spots all over... It has no imprint on one side, and on the other side, the imprint says 75 (scored?) MG.
Again, it is broken and I have NO idea how long it was in the box that I found it in. So, there is a possibility that the one side I'm seeing as having no imprint, could have had an imprint that has faded. I doubt it because, the other side clearly shows 75 MG.
I just want to know what it is since it was in my own belongings and I've never seen it before! I can't find it on any of the pill finder sites and I have searched endlessly. So, I'm hoping someone here can identify it!
Thank you in advance!