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How do I find a doctor that will prescibe armour thyroid?

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HeadStarter 11 Sep 2013

Hello charles and welcome to DC. You need to have a diagnosis to support the need for a thyroid supplement. Once you have that diagnosis, you have the right to ask your doctor to try it. Some of them will try and talk you into other stuff. That can be a bit of a battle of the wills. I am on Armour but have it compounded for me. I am doing quite well. I do see an endocrinologist. They are specialists in all things dealing with the endocrine system. There are many smart internists, too. But for any of the extentive tests... I was very glad that I had my own endocrinologist administering them... and reading the results.

If you have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, can't the doctor who diagnosed you work with you on that???

I wish you a smooth journey towardr better health and the best for the rest of your life.


charlesmj 13 Sep 2013

Thank you Mary, I have been on Synthroid, and would like to try Armour. I contacted my doctor to try it and she will not prescribe it for me. So I am on the hunt for a different doctor... So I probably have to have an endocrinologist help me with it? !

HeadStarter 13 Sep 2013

Hello Charles... If you don't mind me asking, what is your closest large city and in what state do you reside? My husband works with the Broda Barnes Foundation in Trumbull, CT. If you contact them... they can tell you if they are working with any participating doctors in your area. Or, I can have my husband contact them to see if he can get some feedback for you. This foundation works with doctors throughout the United States.


Inactive 28 Nov 2014

Charles. I am in Connecticut. Did you find and Armour doc? Did you get on Armour and how are you feeling?

Inactive 17 Sep 2013

Why Armour? Did you know that Synthroid is one of the few drugs that doctors will prescribe by brand name, because it's not especially stable and the dose processing by the company that makes Synthroid is better? So all that and you still want Armour--my experience in asking for a brand-name is to try the alternative first. I take brand-name Adderall and Ritalin because the generic stuff is totally obviously wacko--sometimes it's strong, sometimes it's weak, sometimes is weak at first and then gets strong . . . the generic for both meds starts strong, stays strong. My doctors think I'm nuts but my response to them is--why don't you take some generic Ritalin and see for yourself! free discount card

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