Hi I've not long been put on a 50 fentanyl patch.. It would be a good 5 6 weeks now..as for my pain..its improving by around 60 + percent.. The best relief I've had in a long time..the problem I'm having is my sex drive appears to be going.. I mean I'm not feeling sexual.. I spent hours looking at stuff trying to become turned on... But nothing happens..Im a 53 year old guy.. Will this be a permanent thing while on fentanyl patch?? Can anyone please advise me on this subject..
I am on the fentanyl patch due to an injury to neck injuries as fare back as 1990.. I've had 4 surgery's c4 5 6 and 7 where as now I have a cage along with three screws holding everything in place.. My current pains are from degeneration and calcium spers..I don't wish to have further surgery unless its my final option..
And if one asked me what I'd rather... meaning the pain or my sex drive..at this confused point pain relief is an important thing for me...
Furthermore..is it possible to try Viagra.. I mean is it a safe thing to do???
I'm on Norvasc 5mg per day and tryptonal..or say Endep 50mg x 4 at nights alongside Nexium 40mg..alongside now Fentanyl 50..
Well cheer's in advance