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Why can I not find alli in the drug stores. Are they still available ?

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17 Feb 2012

Alli is still available. Perhaps ask somebody at a drug store if they can order it in for you.

17 Feb 2012

Different states have different rules at times in regards to supplements. In Chicago it is sold at walgreens, but I have no idea as to the sale of this in states outside of illinois.

4 Mar 2012

Their website said due to lack of active ingredients it is not currently available. I am so frustrated about this!

31 Mar 2012

I've been hearing they are recalling this product..I used to use this when it was called Xinacal by prescription many years ago..Hated it!
I now use something natural that works ..all natural not chemical like Alli.
works much better without any side effects..
I can tell you all where to find it if you'd like..
sirrells yahoo com

law2828 14 Jun 2012

yes please tell me what is the product and where to locate

sasouki 5 Jun 2014

Hi, can u tell me what are u using now, thx

31 May 2012

Have you been on the Alli website? It says:
alli Capsules will return to retailers' shelves in June. GSK, the manufacturer of alli, has been experiencing a supply shortage of the active ingredient used in alli. We apologize for any inconvenience this supply shortage is causing our consumers. We are excited to get alli product back on shelf for the many consumers who rely upon the brand to help them achieve their weight loss goals. Until alli is once again available, consumers should continue to adhere to the recommended diet and physical activity routine, which are the cornerstone of any weight loss program, and continue using alli once it is available.

11 Sep 2014

it will not be back this year i just got a email from them

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