it's a Roche one. prescription in France. Kredex 6.25mg comprime secable with Carvedilol written under. I'm supposed to take 1/2 a.m. and 1/2 p.m I haven't started taking it yet, it's supposed to replace Propranol which I refused to take after a few months of it messing with my brain and with Levothyroxine. I do not want a repeat of symptoms with the Kredex. I have brain injury, Hashimoto's autoimmune + unspecified cirrhosis. Same day have also been given Amycor Onychoset pomade by Merck Serono, for fungal nail infection all toes in 1 foot,not been able to clear with o.t.c. treatment. I've managed to keep off all meds except Levo for a year now, which helped clear some BI effects, some of which seem to be returning now!