I apologize for the length in advance. I'm 25 years old, female, and am fairly healthy (I don't get sick often, recover well, heal fast, etc) and I'm considering getting liposuction.
Am I overweight? Not ridiculously. In the last year or so I have put on about 35lbs mostly in my waist and back and I'm unable to shed it.
I used to be very active, as I'm in the Army, up until I injured myself in Iraq in 2011... The injuries are in my upper back, neck, and left shoulder which prevents me from high impact exercises, upper body exercises, and most core work outs. The injuries are bad enough that I am being medically discharged for them, however the doctors have said I have no surgical options to help alleviate some of this pain and weakness. After a few years of slowly decreasing my activity level (I've been to intensive physical therapy, seen every specialist I can, and so on... I did not just let this happen) I am at the point where my body has somewhat accepted that I am no longer as active. My diet works in my favor as I'm a vegetarian, don't eat much sweets, don't drink soda, don't eat out at restaurants often, and I don't drink or smoke. I grew up with obese people in my family and I watched them suffer for it, it's one of my fears to inherit that gene that aids in obesity and lose control and be physically unable to fix it... Also, I was in a severely abusive relationship which reinforced those fears and, sadly, really damaged my ability to bounce back mentally and emotionally from this type of thing...
I have a price for a procedure, they're willing to take payments but I don't think I can even afford that... This is very important to me on many levels, and I'm doing it solely for myself (my husband thinks I look fine) but I just can't risk adding more to our financial strains.
What should I do? I'm lost and just wish I had some way to find the right answer