I have an artificial disc in my lower back, it has now caused scoliosis, bone spurs, and is actually slighty dislocated! Plus fibromyalgia. I am on 30mg oxycodone 2 times a day from my family doc. But he had to send me to a pain doc. The pain doc did xrays and saw the problem, and said I need it fused. He was very nice, and told me he new I was not drug seeking. Gave me a script for 15mg oxycodone, no more than 5 a day. I am suppose to get that filled in a few days. The problem is that he drug tested me, and I know I had pot in my system. I have had nausea every day since chemo for hep c. and that was 3 yrs ago. I have had every test done 2 c what is wrong, and can't find the reason. I didn't tell him it would be in my system, now i'm scared to death he's gonna drop me and cancel my script. I wanted to tell him soo bad about the pot, but the everyone I talked to said not to say anything, and maybe he won't. I am regreting not saying anything to him, I wanted to be honest, and let him know that it was for my nausea. no other meds helped it. I signed a contract of course. Should I call and try to talk to him about it? I want him to trust me. I stopped smoking 6 days before I went in, and plan to stay off of it, cause I need pain meds more than pot. What do I do? Thanks, God Bless.