When my doctor ran the blood tests and I didn't test postive for diabetes or Vitamin B deficiency or another ailment that might explain my neuropathy she sent me to a neurologist in town. She said to explain to him that we've done the blood tests and I should have an MRI to rule out MS or things of that nature. When I got there he had a cold and clearly didn't feel well. He asked me a few questions, asked me to look from side to side, get up and walk 5 ft., and ran a small tool over my feet - then he drew me a cartoonish picture of my feet and told me that I simply had a neuropathy. Anywho - I tried to plead my case but he refused to do an MRI and said to take Lyrica (already taking 1200mg of gababentin a day with Vicotin) and he'll see me in 3 mo's. So now I'm trying again with a different doctor - only this time I want to ask the right questions and drive home that I need something for the pain. Any suggestions?