I believe due to the combination of my Testosterone therapy, Latuda 60mgs, and Topamax 150mgs but I still feel unmotivated although not tired. I can do things around the house but doing thing I used to do don't sound fun and I've even forced myself to go spend time with friends and I just don't want to be there but not because I'm anxious or moody and I'm wondering if the Latuda is lowering my dopamine so much that I'm not able to find pleasure in things, but if I get off it I'm worried my mood will become unstable again. is there anything I can take to raise dopamine or is it something else? does anything else stabilize mood like latuda? I know its mainly for bipolar depression and it has helped but I'm just worried its doing too much or something and I'm overweight so I gotta be careful with other Antipsychotics