Have had the most intense itching I have ever had in my life. Started back in Jan 2015 along the hairline at the back of my left scalp. Small bumps developed. Doctor: possible folliculitis and antibiotic. Did not work. Dermatologist did biopsy - nothing. Now right buttock and right upper arm itching. Cortisone solution from dermatologist worked for a while. Right buttocks cleared up and it moved to left buttock and both elbows. Now scalp is itching on both sides of the hairline. Moved from left buttock to LS area of back and left scapula area. Itching is so intense it is hard to describe. I have used everything and nothing has cured it. No one has a clue what it is. If I have a new place beginning to itch, most of the time Alcohol 91% will keep it from developing. I changed washing powders, soap, etc. Nothing. Anyone had anything like this?