to want to admit it, when i ask it's always as if he is in denial. today he was told his enzymes are way to high and it is causing a "yellow bubbly" discharge from his anus so in the morning he goes for upper/lower Gi/colonoscopy and liver biopsy (these are not the first)his legs, feet, hands, stomach, liver and spleen swell has, copd, high blood pressure, emphysema, psoriasis(often complains of being itchy) sick if he doesn't drink, sick if he does(emesis and pain). diarrhea(often), itchy, high blood pressure. lately he has been having pain for quite some time now.enlarged testicle... repeating himself more often, seems the list goes on and on but i think i touched on most of it. try to research this but never seem to find a answer that basically says " This is where he's at" . any insight would be deeply apprediated. thanks. oh, and he also has colitis.