My name is Susan. I am a married 28 year old mother of 3. All of them girls. (1,3,8) I am five foot nine inches and way some where between 265and 280. I am dieting and it has been fluctuating.

Things I have been diagnosed with:
Degenerative disk disease

Mobic 2x a day 7.5mg oral each dose- Arthritis
Tramadol 2x a day 100mg oral each dose- Back pain
Baclofen 1x a day 10mg oral in am- Back pain
Prilosec 1x a day 20 mg oral in am- GERD
flexerol 1x a day 10mg oral in pm-Back pain
Zoloft 1x a day 100mg oral in am – Anxiety preventative
Nuvigal 1x a day 250 mg oral in am- Narcolepsy
Pantoprazole 1x a day 40mg oral in pm- GERD
Reclipsen 1x a day .015mg-30mcg tab- Birth control currently off

Acidophilus- 1x a day Digestive health oral dose in pm
Calcium + D - 2x a day 600/400mg oral each dose- to keep bones strong am/pm
One a day Women- 1x in am
Cranberry supplement- 1x a day oral dose in pm

As needed medications:
Triamicinolon- as needed- topical
Erythromicin/benzol gel- as needed – topical
Colonzapam- as needed- 1mg using a lot more lately up to every other day if not every

Symptoms that have me concerned:
Basic: still having break thru acid reflux even after upping my medication.
My joints hurt so much more than they did last year in the cold.
On my right side my foot is either numb or feels asleep all the time, my calf/shin area get shooting burning pains that comes and goes in waves, the back side of my thigh gets a line right down the middle of it that does the same thing as the calf/shin area. The thigh is a lot less often than the calf/shin area.
On my left side my foot just started today to go numb in the toes. It has not yet spread to the whole foot. No pains in leg other than normal arthritis pain in joints.
My back goes out a lot less with medication but when it does it is worse. The pain is becoming unbearable. And my muscles have started to knot easier and are harder to get out when my back goes out now.
My neck is now getting shooting pains out of no where. It feels like I have pulled it when I have done nothing to pull it.
My headaches/migraines are more frequent and more painful. It almost stops me in my tracks.
I am having a hard time concentrating, I get lost in conversation very easy now. I some times have to have people repeat what they just said to me but I cant understand it. I know I heard it but they may as well be speaking German.
I have a hard time sleeping again. My mind is running a mile a min and wont stop! Then when I do get sleep I am still exhausted all day. If I take a nap it makes bed a night even harder. But I can sit down in a chair and have important things to do and pass out from exhaustion.
Please let me know if any of these are reactions to medication. I was never made aware that they had any side effects this bad. Please help me figure out where to start.
Thank you!