Hello, I struggle with depression, BPD plus Bipolar and ADHD. Currently I'm taking 80mg prozac (once daily), 300mg lamictal (150mg twice daily),10mg clonazepam(.5mg twice daily) and have just switched from taking Adderall XR 20mg to Vyvanse 30mg. Now in the past I've taken Buspar, Alprazolam, Lorezapam and Ritalin. I've changed doses, added, removed meds and split up doses through out the day to see if that made things better. I've made progress and right now the meds are ok and I'm definitely more stable then before but both my Dr. and I agree I'm not were I would like to be. I've had physical health problems/changes but it's very hard to untangle how much an effect the meds are having or if they are contributing at all. Somedays I feel like my meds are working and some I feel like they're just making me sick. I know my mood disorder complicates things because I can view the world very differently day to day. I'm frustrated and although medication is trial and error I'm hoping to find a combination of medication that would increase my stability. I was wondering what other people may have found helpful med wise, even though everyone reacts differently.