Hi. I've been fighting off a urinary infection with amoxicicillin (500 mg); no side effects. The infection actually responded and all discomfort subsided. Over the course of a month, I noticed it started to drop off a bit and very slight sensations were perceived. I discontinued it and now I'm on Cipro (250 mg). The general concern was that an immunity to the amoxicicillin may have been developing. Now I have only been on this Cipro for 2 days and I'm still waiting for the annoying sensation to subside (maybe the resulting inflammation needs to heal?). It's just that I was scared of trying something new and I wanted a low dose. Does anyone think that perhaps this is not strong enough; or should I give it more time? Luckily, there was never any blood in the urine since the beginning and a lab test did not seem to reveal any blood cells microscopically. Upon the initial onset, there was some hematospermia, which cleared up and has not returned. The doctor actually examined me and did not seem concerned about my prostate. I find the indifference and lack of answers from the medical community somewhat disturbing, but I'm remaining optimistic. So uhm... everything "works" correctly down there, it's just the slight sensation of having to urinate (which I'll describe as the afterburn feeling when you're dehydrated) that makes me upset and it's triggering anxiety as I feel that there is little that can be done these days for this sort of thing. I'll make a disclaimer here: I am VERY prone to anxiety and there is the possibility that a fear of immunity and switching meds may be contributing to this. The last time I went through a "sick streak" several years ago, I was dealing with a bad breakup. Take a guess what happened again this time... So all of this could be partly idiopathic.