I recentlly began to dig for cures and relief from this unbearable pain. When one thing led to another I end on a Shingles page. OMG!!! I have so many of the symptoms, in fact just now got done doing a test on the Shingles and on allergies I got almost 100% on the shingles, I have never even discussed with any doctors, nor thought about. But. The burning and small little blisters and face pain the whole bit, If I have been miss diagnosed Im fuming. I asked last month if my doctor thought I had something other then this fibro, as I get so exhausted that I nearly fall walking, I am listless at times during the day thinking I may be forming a type of sleep disorder. I literally fall asleep during a phone chat or even standing when Im in a flare. The nerve endings that hurt and the tears for the last three weeks have been so bad that I have had huge bad thoughts, and prayed(which Im now at 52) learning may be the ticket. I found another thing besides a pain noone has a reason for. This my friends may be something to think No one thinks this is recurring Shingles I mean, yet most suffers write the same as me for one damn week I feel good in sometimes two months, I am at least happy that there is or could be another alternative, I have suffered food given migraines that floored me since Birth , and until 7 to 8 years ago didnt even have a clue it was caused this way, pain my whole life and yet noone can tell me until oral surgery when top ramen became my diet, I was almost dead from MSG... So happyness until I can get a test. wish me luck as there is still hope that before my day comes Im to have a damn unpainful month except basic controlable arthritis... and that I can finally paly a whole day with all my grand kids, Gawd he must exist... as for the rest of my fellow pain sufferers please dont rule anything out because the doctor says, I am constantly looking as many of you. I heard my grandma had this when thinking hereditary??? My dads mom too had this every month when I was growing up I just never thought two times about it being the things wrong, good luck to us all, and I hope next week I have an update to this, I will find a doctor to test me for this if I have to go to ER to do it... many hugs to all. Lori