The withdraws from the effexor were bad.I am in a lot of pain and dont want to do anything anymore.It hurts so bad.I have been staring at this bottle for three days, any suggestions?Im a mother of 4 boys and a stepdaughter.I dont have time to sit here any longer.I havent been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but they say it will help with my pain.Ive been suffering from depression since I was 18.Im now 34.I could also sleep anywhere at any time.I feel so tired. My family thinks Im just being Lazy.The pain has increased around my neck and spine 2 years ago when i got in a car wreck.I cannot work, because after a few hours of standing my legs tingle and will give out.the doc says i have a herniated disc but its not that bad.Im going through injection shots right now.They arent doing anything.My pain is mostly by my tailbone, upper to mid back, and my neck right where it connects to my head.I noticed more pain after I weaned from the effexor.Also would like to know if there are tests to prove u have this and who can i see to find out?will my spine doctor know?