I've had fibromyagia for over ten yrs, when it kicks in, especially with stress, I have to go to bed its feels like flu symptoms,i also have osteoarthritis, very bad back, i go to chiro 2x week ,an have been dealing with depression for yrs I'm 57 I also see a phycotherepist 2x a month, my question is , I already sleep a lot, is this med going to work ? I'm not into pain pills, i take Prozac, Xanax, for a long time, finally my doc says its a combination of everything, I even get cortisone shots all over, I'm afraid of side affects, should i take this? my doc says to I just want to ask someone like my self, I need some answers, the stress i my life is crippling me with all this, I haven't feel good in a very long time, does any one out their remedies think I should try this?