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Fibromyalgia - I'm just starting butrans, anyone else on it?

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Jules0717 3 Apr 2016

Hi! I'm a 47 y/o femaile and I just put on my patch aboiut 20 minutes ago. I have had pain since I was 10 and had an injury on the playground. I had to quit my my career as a hairstylist because my pain was so bad. The pain got a little better in my 30's, then bad agin right before I turned 40. After about 4 steroid injections, I was referred to the neurosurgeon, My MRI showed I was a grade 4 our of 5 spondolythesis. Lumbar fusion in 2009, taking about 5 10mg pain pills a day. I seriously understood during the 2 plus years after my surgery how someone can get so depressed and feel like they can hardly go on. I got my pain meds down to about 3 pills a day, and had a spinal cord stimulator put in in February of 2012. It worked really well as it got my pain level down to where needed only about 3 5mg a day. A little over a year ago my pain started getting worse. Pain doctor adjusted to a different "cheesecake" (same base recipe, but different cariations), and he attributed it to nerve pain. I tried neurontin, but it made my right eye hve funny movements and I also had an EMG which concluded there was not any actual nerve damage. I found out that I now had a grade 2 spondolethesis although the hardware is all intact and nothing is being pinches.The oher part of this is the pain that I was feeling all over my body had increased, Since you have fibromyalgia, I am sure you know how difficult it more than likely was for someone to actually diagnose you with fibromyalgia, but I seriously have all the symptoms. Tonight I put on the patch and i am so hoping I will get some relief as tonight is one of those nights where I feel like I would go to the ER if I knew they could do anything about my pain. I am waiting to see if I have any immediate relief and so far it seems like the pain in my leg has subsided some already. I hope to have success with this patch as a large majority of the reviews seems positive. The first review I read was about a gentleman who had suffered for 25 years and it was like a miracle that he keeps thinking the pain will come back but it hasn't! I wish you all the best and I hope to hear that you and I both have a success story!

antenbunny 3 Apr 2016

Thanks for you're comments. I have been on the patch now for about a month. I can't say it's perfect. I still take ultram every day. I do take less at night and don't wake up in the morning with such terrible pain. I really hope it works well for you, finger crossed.

MDH3 14 May 2016

Jules0717 - I see that this post was a couple of months ago, are you still on the patch? If so, have you found it helpful for your pain?

I have Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy and am in moderate to severe pain all the time, all over my body. I have been on Norco 10/325 for a couple of years now and I've built up a tolerance to it so I don't get relief unless I take two pills at one time. But if I do that, I run out of my prescription way too early and have to suffer until my next rx. So I have to choose between taking the meds as I'm supposed to, one pill three times a day, and get very very little relief or take the amount that gives me relief and be in complete pain for a couple weeks. free discount card

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