... management doctor. My husband lost his job along with our insurance, so we had to move in with his folks. I found a family practioner who would keep me on my meds. I've been seeing him for about six months and REALLY like him. About three months ago I took too much pain meds and went through horrible withdrawl. I decided to wean myself off of my pain meds, I've had problems of taking too many meds before. Now that I am 8 weeks clean, I am in horrible pain. I don't have to tell you guys, you know how bad it can get. I went to my doctor and told him how much pain I am in and he prescribed me tramadol and flexeril. I told him then that I have tried tramadol more than once and had it not work. Well, he really did not want me on narcotics (even though tramadol might as well be a narcotic). So, I took my doctor's advice and now three days into it I am in severe pain. I called my doctor and he said the same thing that he did over the phone that he did on my visit. Take the tramadol. I've thought of going to the hospital, but I don't think they will do anything for me. I'd go see a specialist, but no insurance. Any advice that you can give me would REALLY help