... I fractured a bone in my foot behind my middle toe behind the joint and big bone... basically the ball of my foot rocks to it. Went a day and a half till my foot felt like walking on painful jelly from the swelling to get me to go to the ER! Yeah we fibro people are stubborn when we get hurt. But, now I also have atrophy in my leg muscles. Even in an open cast that i can take off (big mistake probably on their part. Because I do take it off a lot.) and I constantly kick my toes on stuff or my dog will lay on my foot. Why is it so hard to sit still when we finally do get hurt and have to stay still? This is so confusing!!! Help I need advice! And I didn't get my shin x-rayed/ and where I had an indention has excruciating pain! And that means bad of course. Swells up down repeats constantly... everything on my foot is numblilke. Or semi-desensitized for some reason??