... group I understand if one is deleted. I wanted to know from fellow fibro fighters if anyone has been taken abruptly off narcotics and how you get through it? My rx was for Norco 10/325 4-5 x daily ..I took max of 3, we have an addict in the house and a few weeks ago my meds were stolen, it wasn't just them my muscle relaxers everything was taken ..now this is a family member and I don't want them in trouble so of course I didn't report them. I went to my Dr of yeeears a man I trusted and had faith in a Dr who held my hand learning about Fibro and RA and how we could manage it to give me a decent quality of life having two young boys and taking care of my mom who is 83. He freaked. Said I shouldn't take Norco anymore and stopped me cold turkey. I am on day three and I can honestly say this is worse then any pain I've experience in my life. Shivering, throwing up, muscle pain that is a fibro scale of 15 ..I can't remember screaming from pain and my arthritis omg ... my joints I want to remove them. I am in such bad shape the person that took them is willing to admit it to police, Dr whoever they didn't realize or intend for me to be stopped they figured I would go get more. I should have asked for a blood test, then they could tell I wasn't abusing them. I still am ..hell hair test! I don't care because I know the facts. Right now though, I don't know what to do..I am not capable of taking care of the kids or my mom and I am scared and any advice would be so much appreciated ... Sorry this was long